Freeze Drying is a century old process that scientifically eliminates water and specific inorganic materials from a product. Originally specialized for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, it became a prominent solution in the food industry for such items as astronaut (NASA) meals, Military Rations, and best known to many, in the instant Coffee Industry.

The benefit of cryodesiccation or Freeze Drying, is the end product is lightweight, void of all moisture and potential bacterial formation. Once prepared and stored properly, Freeze Dried products have a storage/ shelf life of decades. Never confuse Freeze Drying with dehydration. The processes are opposite.

In order to produce a perfect freeze dried product, many steps must be taken to perform the entire sequence in order to create a perfect product. Any variations in environmental factors will affect the end product and must be taken into account. Diamond Rose’ SWEET TOOTH FREEZE DRIED CANDY COMPANY (drSTCC) experimented and tested various products and environments for months before offering freeze dried candy to the consumer. Our formulas are compilations of factory engineers, field scientists and our own science experts.

drSTCC pre-conditions all of its raw materials, monitors ambient room temperatures and humidity, maintains equipment to be clean and free of contaminants, assures equipment can reach a very low Millitorr unit (below 300 mTorr) and adjusts the process formulas for each product and varying environmental conditions.

Before packaging, drSTCC undertakes quality control steps of each product batch to ensure the candy is complete. If the batch fails the tests, the product is either scrapped or re-processed accordingly. Packaging is completed in heavy weight FDA approved materials and double sealed to eliminate humidity and moisture from entering the product before the consumer opens it.

These steps ensure that the consumer receives the lightest, crunchiest, most flavorful candy that does not result in a poorly processed soft product.